Stallion Care Tips

We Follow these Guidelines to keep your stallion healthy:

  1. Keep water buckets clean and full of fresh water
  2. Currently being fed Vitality Nutrena feed (twice daily)
  3. Mixed alfalfa / grass hay (twice daily)
  4. Routine Immunizations, floatings and de-wormings
  5. Keep stalls bedded deeply
  6. Keep feet picked out
  7. Groom at least 5 times weekly or whenever needed
  8. Make them look like a million dollars at all times!
  9. Clip every 2 weeks
  10. Turnout at least 30 minutes daily (weather permitting) prior to grooming
  11. Always double chain stall doors or gaits
  12. Never have more than one stallion’s door open at a time or more than one stallion out of their stall at a time
  13. DO NOT COMB TAIL! – unless washed and conditioned prior to
  14. Comb maine and foretop
  15. Blanket in winter
  16. Don’t be afraid or intimidated by the stallions. They can sense this and will take advantage of it!
  17. If you need help, ask!